2020 State of the Cloud

Neil Kronimus headshot

This year has certainly not been one any of us could have anticipated, and we’re seeing that impact in federal agencies as it applies to their technology needs, especially supporting a remote workforce. I shared my insights and experiences as GDIT’s Director for Cloud in my annual “State of the Cloud” discussion, highlighting current and future state of the cloud in the public space and the future of cloud at GDIT.

We’re seeing many agencies adopting the Cloud Smart initiative and a cloud-first approach. During the discussion, I also touch on the largest vendor players, hybrid multi-cloud best practices and the GDIT Cloud Center of Excellence which has forged key cloud partnerships to benefit our government clients.

Key drivers of cloud adoption in 2020 include:

  • COVID-19 impact to agencies, moving them to become more committed to cloud
  • The Cloud Smart initiative, of which 71% of agencies have adopted
  • Changes to the FedRAMP certification processes that speed up approvals on cloud initiatives
  • TIC 3.0 and its removal of some security roadblocks
  • The GSA’s Cloud Center of Excellence and its Technology Modernization Fund (TMF)
  • Better data management practices that make cloud projects more feasible
  • A general move toward the cloud among agency leadership

We’re certainly seeing the impacts of all of these things with our mission partners and expect the cloud adoption trend to continue and even accelerate.

GDIT delivers cloud clarity. As agencies continue to modernize, they need a partner who can take on the complexities of the cloud. GDIT is that partner.

Watch my highlights from the discussion: