Accelerating Government IT Modernization in the time of COVID-19

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As an AWS Premier Partner, GDIT was invited to join a Government Matters “Industry Insider” session on the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating government efforts to modernize, move to the cloud and enhance their remote working capabilities in line with the changing work environment.

In the clip below, our own Kristie Grinnell, CIO and VP of IT & Supply Chain, discusses how we’re helping customers navigate this crisis and highlights some important work we are doing for the Defense Health Agency (DHA). GDIT is helping DHA’s Unified Business Office (UBO) track patients that were tested and/or treated for COVID-19 by implementing a custom tracing tool to report on COVID-19 related encounters, services, and payment data.

We were proud to have this opportunity to support the DHA mission and GDIT remains a committed, mission partner for our customers – even amid the most challenging times.