Automate Everywhere It Makes Sense

Rob Smallwood Headshot

Incorporating automation everywhere that it makes sense, just makes sense. This includes everything from automating legacy applications and manual paper processes to embracing an automation-first mindset, which allows teams to drive automation deeper and deeper into the processes that make up an agency’s mission delivery. This was the topic of a recent interview I had with Federal News Network.

But knowing where it makes sense to automate depends on a basic question of priorities. First, having a good understanding of the mission and user requirements. From there, determining how automation can actually enable that success. And then, how to best implement it. There's no one-size-fits-all approach that works across agencies and taking the time to get it right is critical.

Of course, when it comes to automation, another consideration is in the context of broader modernization efforts as a whole. Automation can do many wonderful things – from controlling costs to shortening development cycles. But to get the most value from automations, they have to cut across technology areas and avoid allowing legacy technical silos to stifle automation efforts. We want everyone at all levels to be empowered by automation to help them do their jobs more effectively.

Finally, as a systems integrator, GDIT takes very seriously our responsibility to bring new technologies and approaches to our customers. As an example, we're just starting to scratch the surface of where artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied within our environments. Whether it's being used to do natural language processing (NLP), like with the service desk automated assistant or automatically establish service baselines in the environment to enable automated self-healing responses.

We have an obligation – both to our customers and to our businesses – to execute these technologies and approaches and to differentiate the expertise we bring to the table, resulting in better, stronger, longer customer relationships. Learn more about how we approach automation as part of our digital modernization efforts.