On-Demand Webinar: Bots are People, too

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What do people look like when they are on your network or accessing a website or system? In most cases, a person is assigned a username, role and access rights that govern their interactions with the organization or agency. This controls what they can and cannot do within a network, application or website.

But what should bots look like when they are operating on your network? Interestingly, a bot should not be treated differently: it must be monitored and logged just as if it were a person operating on the network.

Having the right understanding, approach and architecture for implementing bots smartly into operations is just as important as setting up proper security controls governing personnel access.

In this webinar with ACT-IAC, experts from GDIT and government discuss RPA implementation, best practices, and use cases.

  • Mike Cole (Moderator), Federal Civilian Chief Technology Officer, GDIT
  • Jacob Feldman, Program Analyst, United Stated Patent and Trademark Office
  • Molly Gatti, Program Analyst, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Tim Gilday, Emerging Technology Director, GDIT

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