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Conversational AI Drives Value and Engagement

May 31st, 2022


Learn more about GDIT’s artificial intelligence work, including with Conversational AI tools.

Every project should be focused on delivering mission value. A heavy focus on return on investment, or ROI, limits an agency’s ability to receive the full value on their investment. As every agency and company contemplate how they will continue to deliver on mission while retaining employees, the focus needs to expand to value-driven decision making.

Our work lives have changed dramatically over the past few years, and the impact has been significant to IT teams. Remote and hybrid work have driven the need for increased virtual collaboration tools, stretched network connectivity, expanded security and access control requirements, and device management expanded beyond facility walls. All of this has generated an exponential increase in service desk support requests.

AI Tools that Understand a User’s Intent

Savvy IT leaders looking to drive value for their organizations beyond cost savings alone will be looking to use tools like chat interfaces and virtual assistants and AI bots to automate common service desk and back-office functions and tasks.

Infusing Conversational AI tools into your organization’s services request and back-office functions provides effective automations leading to an increase in an employees’ satisfaction with their service request experience.

Rather than relying on scripts and keywords, Conversational AI can answer questions based on a user’s intent. Out of the box, these platforms provide pre-trained, domain-specific understanding of what employees need without extensive training, scripting, or dialog flows. In production, these tools reduce time to resolution, increase user satisfaction, reduce the labor associated with resolving support issues, and can handle Tier-0 or Tier-1 services on day one.

Conversational AI solutions – such as Google Contact Center AI, ServiceNow Virtual Agents, and Moveworks – can impact or further enhance efficiency and agility within an organization, which is precisely where the VOI calculation intersects the traditional ROI metric. All of these platforms offer significant value to the end user community, whether through the implementation of voice enabled engagements, simplified, multi-channel communications, as well as the efficiency and agility benefits identified in the table below.

Conversational AI chart