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inside of an office building

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Credentialing: Security and Innovation for Identity Management

September 1st, 2021


Learn more about GDIT’s approach and experience in credentialing

Credentials, such as driver licenses, travel documents and identification cards, are something we use all the time, but rarely think about. The agencies responsible for issuing them, however, never stop thinking about them and the ways to keep them secure and trustworthy. For this reason, agencies take great care in selecting the highest caliber partners in helping them create, secure and authenticate the credentials they issue. The loss of customer PII data can be devastating to the company or individual affected.

GDIT has been that partner for secure credential design, personalization, and fulfillment for more than the past 20 years for federal, state, and local agencies, employers, organizations, and academic institutions. Our experience across a variety of capabilities includes:

  • Secure credential document design and delivery
  • Life-cycle credential issuance equipment
  • Personalization facilities and support
  • Modular credential personalization management systems
  • Biometric identity proofing
  • Support for development, integration, implementation, and operations

Agencies need to stay ahead of the curve, meet the evolving demand for credentials, and maintain the public’s trust in their credentials. Our experience has provided us insight into four major challenge areas that issuing agencies face:

  • Securing Customer Data: Every element of providing personal credentials to the public hinges on the ability to trust that the document is kept with the upmost security and accurately identifies an individual person. No detail is too minute, no process is too mundane. We recognize that security is the hub upon which quality of service, innovation, and ultimately trust rely on to provide the secure credential as an output. GDIT has a proven and sincere commitment to delivering top-end identity document security tools, processes, and people. We are known globally for the trust that DoD, DHS and other organizations have in us to secure their personal data. We work to shape and stay ahead of industry trends, and ahead of bad actors, by continuously evolving and advancing our capabilities in line with the evolving security threat landscape.

  • Quality of Service: GDIT has operational experience across multiple customers, multiple use cases, and multiple challenges. Over 20 years in this space, we’ve issued more than 100 million credentials. Our teams are committed to the customer mission and to flawless delivery of service. We pay attention to every detail; we stand up data-driven teams intent on capturing, measuring, and reporting information that makes our programs better and better. We value our relationships with customers and take pride in ensuring we are supporting them – going above and beyond – in every facet of our work.

  • Innovation: The credentialing space is becoming increasingly more and more technical. Agencies must have partners that display an operational and organizational culture of innovation that keeps them ahead of negative intentions and events. GDIT has established a culture that encourages and invites innovation across our business. In credentialing, we leverage next generation identity security that is adaptive and best in class, throughout the lifespan of our contractual partnerships. We have an Innovation Lab (with hardware and software components and laser engraving equipment) located in Northern Virginia that incorporates customer input, insight, and access. Here, we work on tomorrow’s secure credentialing use cases so we can bring secure, impactful solutions to our customers faster than ever.

  • Serving as a Trusted Partner: Trust underpins any engagement with a credentialing partner. Trust is gained by establishing a track record of dependability and transparency. Dependability is about being a reliable, performant partner to our customers. It’s about evolving our work as customer needs evolve and the landscape changes. It’s proving your worth day in and day out. Transparency is about operating with the customer’s best interests in mind. Sometimes that means having direct and open conversations. Other times, it means ensuring our teams are conversant in multiple solutions so that we can apply the most appropriate one to each specific customer need. Our interests lie in the outcomes we deliver, not the tools that get us there. We are vendor agnostic and a true Systems Integrator.

As credentialing needs evolve, and as the technology to support it does too, we look forward to continuing to be a trusted partner to clients across a spectrum of needs and scenarios.