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Cyber Threat Intelligence: Why It Matters and How to Use It

March 21st, 2024


GDIT's Angelique Napoleon and Dr. Mischa Beckett discuss how cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is key to predicting, preventing, and responding to cyber threats.

| 16:54


Read our full whitepaper on leveraging cyber threat intelligence.

Cyber threat intelligence enables agencies to – despite many and evolving threats – continue to meet the mission. It is essential for not only guiding daily operations but for informing cybersecurity priorities and directing strategic cyber investments. However, there are multitude of challenges that can complicate its implementation.

I recently sat down with Dr. Mischa Beckett, who has authored a new GDIT whitepaper exploring what Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is, why it matters to agencies and how to use it. In our conversation, we talked about everything from self-evaluations and maturity assessments to how to develop an effective CTI strategy and technology suite.

What struck me most was Dr. Beckett’s discussion of how CTI can shore up both a predictive and a proactive defense, helping agencies move away from reactive responses by gaining a deeper understanding of who’s interested in them, why, why them, what data are the cyber attackers after and how do they tend to behave? With these insights in-hand, agencies are in a far better position to protect their data and assets, as well as their missions.

Watch more of what Dr. Beckett had to say and be sure to read her whitepaper, designed to help build safer, stronger, and more resilient organizations.