Cybersecurity: Constant Threat, Constant Priority, Constant Innovation

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GDIT Cybersecurity Director Dr. Matt McFadden recently spoke with Jane’s Defence about supporting the growing and evolving cybersecurity priorities of our customers.

As Dr. McFadden says, at GDIT cybersecurity is “the thread that runs across every endpoint, every network, and every person,” not a singular part of the mission. He also talked about cybersecurity in the context of adoption of the cloud, containers, and the adoption of zero-trust architectures, which require everything to be verified before access is granted.

Read more of what Dr. McFadden had to say – including about how GDIT is looking ahead to address future cybersecurity threats related to the Internet of Things, 5G, quantum and other areas, including new or quickly evolving markets for cyber security such as the space domain.

This article first appeared in Jane’s Defence in March of 2020.