Driving Digital Modernization Solutions and Innovations for an Agency in Motion: NASA

In a recent “Agency in Motion: NASA” segment on Government Matters, GDIT had the opportunity to talk about digital modernization solutions for the agency – such as automation, advanced networks, and cyber – and how we’re innovating for the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC).

Tony Lisotta, Program Manager, and Steve Bishop, Senior Program Director, both discussed how their teams are working to help drive efficiency and reduce costs applying technology like robotic process automation (RPA).

“We’re very much a partner with NASA. We look for ways to do things better and optimize our operational environment,” Lisotta commented in the segment. “A key way of doing that is to figure out how to bring in innovation and maximize the use of resources.” RPA did just that because it enabled us to take on additional services without increasing labor costs.

We are also able to bring innovation in cyber with zero trust.
“Cybersecurity is at the core of all of the services that GDIT provides. Zero trust is one of those areas where we have gone quite the distance in maturing a solution for customers across our portfolio,” Bishop said. By helping agencies embrace zero trust, we are able to control the data and the services that are supporting their important missions.

Watch the segment below or view the full episode.