bridge leading to a mountain
bridge leading to a mountain

Digital Modernization 2 MIN Read

Driving the Power of Automation

August 26th, 2021


Learn how GDIT works with customers to harness the full potential of automation technologies and our digital modernization capabilities at large.

Automation is driving new innovations and transforming entire industries. In the government contracting space, the implementation of some automation technologies can unfortunately and unnecessarily become complicated by policy or security regulations. This is why GDIT has placed a priority on helping our customers take advantage of automation in ways that advance and accelerate their missions.

We know that as agencies modernize and expand their operations to the cloud, as they gather and analyze data increasingly at the edge of their networks, and as they continue to embrace agile principles to adapt quickly to evolving mission imperatives and security threats, automation can – and should – play a key role.

GDIT Senior Director, Information Systems Security, Shaleen Braley recently talked with FedScoop about how agencies, no matter where they are in their modernization journey, can unleash automation – even on legacy systems. However, she noted, doing so is not without challenges. She pointed to the objectives existing between commercial cloud and government policies that inherently contribute to different approaches to automation at-large. Integrators like GDIT – given their familiarity with government requirements and missions as well as with the capabilities that exist in the commercial cloud – can help bridge that divide.

Additionally, GDIT’s Rob Smallwood, Vice President for Digital Modernization and Enterprise IT, talked with FedScoop about how GDIT dynamically provisions secure and classified IT capabilities across multiple security boundaries while meeting the “speed of need.”

He highlighted the reality that agencies need to take a closer look at the power of integrating and automating a combination of state-of-the-art technologies so that they will be able to handle the “astronomical cross-domain workloads that our nation depends on now and in the future.” As an example, he pointed to one of the most critical projects on which GDIT has delivered: automating managed services for information sharing across different military classification levels with coalition partners. The task involved not only automating the nation’s most stringent security requirements, but also doing so across some of the most diverse IT environments that exist around the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the near-overnight shift to remote working across the federal overnment proved that new and emerging cloud and automation technologies can be successfully and securely implemented. The continued embrace of these technologies – and the continued demonstration of their value to agencies and missions – is essential.

Across our customer portfolio, including on large-scale contracts, GDIT has proven our ability to deliver a large swath of enterprise IT services at scale.