Emerge 2021: Automate Everywhere

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The first event in GDIT’s three-part Emerge Series focused on how to bring visions to life within the digital modernization arena.

One of three tracks in the April event was Automate Everywhere, with a focus on automating where and when it makes sense for the mission, driving efficiency, efficacy, and innovation on programs across the federal government.

The first session, titled The Future is Now: Predictive Analytics with AI and ML focused on how agencies are reaping the benefits of using artificial intelligence and machine learning to elevate service support and user experiences today and for the future. The discussion was moderated by GDIT Senior Director, Data & Analytics Dave Vennergrund, who was joined by our Federal Civilian Program Director, Karen Painter, and Raymond Wedgeworth, the Director of Data Analytics and Systems Group, with the Center for Program Integrity, at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

During the discussion, Wedgeworth noted, “It’s not just about the analytics and algorithms that are created, but how we present that information back to the investigative community, so they know how to work a case. So, we are very careful in turning our models into something that is useful to the investigator by developing a series of characteristics and attributes that can trigger these models.”

Exciting stuff.

Another highlight of the track was the session titled, The Bot Revolution: Driving Performance with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This discussion zeroed in on how RPA is becoming a mainstay within agencies and how they can use it to do everything from improving user management, to ITSM process automation, and cyber response in order to reduce costs and accelerate IT deployment, organizational change, and mission success. The panel was moderated by GDIT’s Emerging Technology Director Tim Gilday. Joining him were Kenneth Newton, Director of Service Delivery at the NASA Shared Services Center and Geert Rensen, Founder and Director of Business Development at Be Informed.

Speaking about intelligent automation, Newton said, “It’s a great tool to use to become a better organization and to free up your personnel to do more higher-value, cognitive work, leaving lower-value work to the bots.”

The final panel in the Automate Everywhere track was DevSecOps: Scaling is Non-Negotiable. This breakout discussion examined the difference between platform and application DevOps, the prerequisites for enablement, the organizational challenges associated with DevSecOps rollouts and more. The discussion was moderated by Jay Olsen, Solutions Director at GDIT, who was joined by Michael Ducy, Transformation Specialist at Red Hat; Ed Farler, Senior Director, Solutions Architect at GDIT; and Dennis Gibbs, Senior Director, Software Development at GDIT.

“Today’s SecDevOps is more than simple automation and integration of testing into the build process,” Gibbs said. “It’s a key enabler of fast delivery of useful capabilities to users. Any organization that depends on fast delivery of secure applications should consider adopting these latest practices into their process.”

Didn’t get to attend today’s event? Watch the sessions on-demand and be sure to mark your calendars and join us for Part Two on May 26, which will focus on Emerging Technologies. Please also join us for Part Three on June 23, focused on the Defense Cloud.