GDIT Cyber Leaders Share Expertise at the Billington Cybersecurity Conference

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During the first week of September, cybersecurity experts from around the world came together for the 11th annual Billington Cybersecurity Conference. This year, of course, the event was virtual – but that didn’t change organizers’ commitment to providing “an unparalleled two days of high-level networking and knowledge-sharing to advocate cyber mission in the U.S. and among allied countries.”

GDIT’s cyber leaders lent their expertise to three of the event’s most anticipated sessions. They were:

  • A panel discussion on Autonomous Cyber Defense, in which GDIT’s Cyber Director and Cyber Center of Excellence, Dr. Matt McFadden participated. During the session, Dr. McFadden observed that even though cyber defenders and attackers have very different core objectives, the outcomes they’re after are largely the same: they want to move quickly to either detect or create a vulnerability. From the perspective of automation, the focus should be on how to apply technologies like AI/ML to enhance the work being done by cyber teams to affect attackers’ ability to quickly move through the “kill chain.”

Watch the full session here:

  • A separate panel on Harnessing AI/ML to Enhance Cybersecurity During the Pandemic. In this session, GDIT’s Director of Technology Strategy Pat Barry contributed his years of cybersecurity expertise to the discussion, noting that having an AI/ML approach to cybersecurity that solves internal, inherent data and policy challenges is just as important as the technology, and GDIT’s cyber practice can and has helped customers work through those realities.

See what else was said:

  • A breakout session on embracing a Zero-Trust Strategy, in which GDIT’s Cyber Director and Cyber Center of Excellence, Dr. Matt McFadden also participated. Flanked by representatives from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the State Department, Dr. McFadden emphasized that Zero Trust is not a product you can buy or a solution you can just deploy; it’s a strategy wherein no trust is implicitly granted. It’s about protecting the resources on your network and the interaction between them, not just the network itself.

Learn more and watch the full session:

Vist our cyber capability page for more about GDIT’s cybersecurity practice, offerings and technologies – and how we bring them to bear in mission-critical moments.