GDIT Tech Talks: Why Software is Eating the World

"There's a famous phrase by Marc Andreessen, it's called, 'Software's eating the world,' and what he's really referring to is that software will become pervasive in our lives and in our work, and the government is not immune to that trend." - Janek Claus, DevOps Capability Lead, GDIT Distinguished Technologist

Tune in to hear one of GDIT's Distinguished Technologists share why software is becoming more and more pervasive in our lives and some helpful tips for government entities looking to shift their perspective on software development.

GDIT Tech Talks deliver insights into how our 30,000 innovators bring the necessary expertise needed to understand and advance critical missions. We'll dive into technology topics including Cloud, Cyber, Artificial Intelligence and more with a focus on how these technologies can be taken to new heights within the federal space. Check back regularly for new GDIT Tech Talks.

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