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How Cloud Adoption is Accelerating Citizen Services

November 3rd, 2021

For this year and the next couple of years, cloud enablement, cloud adoption and accelerated workload migration to the cloud is going to be the mantra.

Ravi Raghava

Chief Cloud Strategist, Federal Civilian


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Adopting the cloud and accelerating workload migrations is going to be a major focus for agencies, making cloud key an enabler of business. GDIT’s Ravi Raghava, chief cloud strategist for Federal Civilian, expands on cloud enabling citizen services in this interview during Federal News Network’s Cloud Exchange.

“Cloud is here to stay, and cloud is an enabler for business,” Raghava says, before noting that every government agency should have a strategy to migrate its workloads to the cloud and bring more and more services to the cloud.”

Raghava expands on the ways GDIT helps agency customers transform and accelerate the way they deliver services to citizens – whether that’s health care for veterans, benefits for seniors or financial aid for college students. One real-world success is cloud infrastructure provided to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which allows the agency to process data faster and with minimal impact on its workforce and saves the agency more than $1 million annually.