MilCloud® 2.0 Adoption: Is it all about the Journey or the Destination? New Research Reveals the Answer and A Lot More.

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While interest and benefit of cloud migration is strong across the Department of Defense (DoD), awareness for the path and process to get there remains less so according to a recent study conducted with 175 DoD mission partners on cloud adoption.

Join GDIT, Oracle, Intel and DISA on a live webinar Wednesday, March 25 as they reveal, discuss and answer questions on the new research which examined cloud migration opportunities, obstacles and preparedness levels across the DoD as they consider moving into milCloud® 2.0.

With all the talk about the cloud journey in government agencies, get the facts on where DoD agencies stand in their cloud migration journey, what difficulties they face and what milCloud® 2.0 offers for success. With revealing insights, the webinar discussion will highlight some of the largest misconceptions and why mission partners need the training and understanding to move forward with adoption.

Here’s a sneak peek into the findings:

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Report Findings Webinar: Overcoming Obstacles, Maximizing Opportunities.

WHEN – Wednesday, March 25, 1:30-2:30pm EST

WHY – To see where DoD agencies are in their cloud journeys, what barriers mission partners are facing and what benefits they expect from success