On-Demand Webinar: Identity Management and Biometrics

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The Identity Management and Biometrics webinar explores the role of biometrics and available technologies in assisting governments with identity management, with particular focus on collection across borders, privacy and ethical considerations.

Speakers from across academia, government and industry discuss Identity Management and Biometrics including:

  • Susan Ariel Aaronson [moderator], Research Professor of International Affairs, George Washington University
  • Vyjayanti Desai, Practice Manager, World Bank
  • Amy Paul, Technical Advisor, U.S. Agency for International Development
  • Scott Shockey, Branch Chief, Office of Biometric Identity Management, Department of Homeland Security
  • Michael Wagner, Senior Director, International Biometrics Account Manager, GDIT

This panel discussion is the latest in the Technology and Diplomacy Series hosted by GDIT and the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs, a forum that brings together industry, academia and government to discuss important transnational issues that impact our national security and the vital diplomatic interest of the U.S. View the previous webinar in the series: Cybersecurity Across Borders.