On-Demand Webinar: 5G: Facts and Fiction

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Fifth Generation (5G) communications has the potential to transform the way we communicate across all areas of our lives, from traffic management to driverless cars and enabling advancements in telesurgery. As an integrator, GDIT provides 5G support and services to customers and believes tremendously in the transformative power and promise of this technology for the Federal government across multiple agencies and use cases.

In this webinar, GDIT experts discuss benefits and misconceptions around this emergent technology.
• Rob Smallwood, Senior Director, Digital Modernization
• Gwen Cadieux, Director of Enterprise IT
• Dru Blanc, Solutions Director
• Raza Rizvi, Director of Engineering

Together the group talks about what 5G is, its maturity, and 5G architectures – specifically how 5G is not merely an extension of 4G; it’s a completely different architecture. This distinction impacts 5G infrastructures, including hardware and networks, and user devices as well. Taken together, this is what delivers true 5G performance to users.

5G will eventually touch everything from health care to civic planning to national defense and more. Learn more about GDIT’s Digital Transformation work, including 5G support.