On-Demand Webinar: How to Automate, Intelligently

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Should everything really be automated? How do you choose what to automate and what you shouldn't? And how can legacy mindsets and perceptions be overcome to establish a culture of automate everywhere?

In a time when automation is seemingly everywhere, it’s important to understand how robotic process automation, intelligent automation and artificial intelligence affect both IT organizations and the business overall.

Joining the discussion are:

  • Rob Smallwood, Director of Digital Modernization
  • Tim Gilday, Emerging Technology Director
  • Shaleen Braley, Senior Director and Program Manager of Special Access Programs
  • Divya Yenigalla, RPA Developer
  • Brian Reid, Intelligent Automation Services Manager, NASA Shared Services Center

The speakers discuss a number of critical factors relating to automation and the mission, such as the importance of ensuring that automation projects don’t occur in a vacuum, but instead are taken on in the context of other business priorities. Successful automation projects should also involve multiple stakeholders and champions since the impact of these projects touches the entire organization. This type of approach can pave the way for future automation projects and position the organization for continued innovation.