Training and Simulation

VirtualShip® Maritime Simulator

The trusted maritime simulator by government, commercial, and foreign allied customers, VirtualShip® is an advanced virtual reality software package to help our clients meet all their training requirements.

Existing Clients

  • US Navy
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Army Transportation School
  • Royal Navy (UK)
  • Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy

300+ Ships

VirtualShip has over 300 types of ships, fully modeled—including naval, commercial, recreational, workboats, and remotely-piloted vessels.

100+ Regions

Over a hundred virtual geographic areas, from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas.

Ship Control Functions

  • 6 degrees of Freedom ship models
  • Propulsion, rudders, waterjets, thrusters, and Z-drives
  • Radar & ARPA/AIS
  • Dynamic-positioning systems and sensors
  • Wind, current and wave environments
  • Platform management (engineering simulation)
  • Alarms & system failures

Training applications

  • Operation & mission rehearsal
  • Bridge team resource management
  • Navigation team
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Tactics, techniques & procedures (TTP)
  • Mission rehearsal
  • Force protection
  • Combined firearms and combat system
  • Control of unmanned/remotely-operated vehicles
  • Total ship training simulators
  • Small craft & boat operations