Digital Modernization

Providing Secure Healthcare for 9/11 Survivors and First Responders

Nearly two decades after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, survivors, first responders, recovery workers, and their families continue to face health impacts from that day. But those whose health was harmed by the tragedy aren’t alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP) provides them with monitoring and treatment for serious conditions, such as respiratory disease caused by toxic dust at ground zero, cancer, and mental health. It takes a focused team to make this life-changing support possible — and GDIT is there to provide the reliable claims processing that ensures WTCHP enrollees receive the healthcare they need.

WTCHP needed a dependable IT solution to enroll, process claims, and reimburse health costs. But with hackers using malware and phishing attacks to increasingly target the healthcare sector, the program sought a strategy to prevent breaches of sensitive patient records and comply with federal cyber regulations — all without losing its high-priority focus on making a difference in the lives of survivors and first responders.

GDIT delivered a comprehensive IT solution that processes all new enrollee applications and health claims while safeguarding enrollee and payment data. As we continue to maintain the system today, the program benefits from the world-class availability and security we provide via our Rensselaer Data Center. What’s more, we manage financial data and operate the help desk. And we do all of that securely.

Today, we monitor and counter security intrusions against WTCHP systems 24/7/365. By being always on call, we successfully protect sensitive healthcare data for nearly 100,000 9/11 survivors and first responders, so they can receive the care they need.

And system compliance has been seamless. Our cyber professionals have helped WTCHP pass rigorous audits as well as meet privacy and federal mandates. It all adds up to mission success. Because when data is managed and secure, care is not in doubt.

  • ~100,000 responders and survivors are enrolled in the WTCHP

  • ~20,000 enrollees are located outside of New York

  • Enrollees live in all 50 states

  • 60% were 9/11 general responders