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The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) provides a streamlined approach to fulfilling requirements that fall within the scope of more than one GSA Schedule for acquiring a total solution. CSRA’s Professional Services Schedule (PSS) includes the scope of work for professional services as included on the Schedules shown below. In addition, these Schedules will continue to remain in place as stand-alone vehicles for any existing task orders, but all new task order work will be awarded under the Professional Services Schedule (PSS).

- GSA MOBIS Schedule 874 - Under Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) Schedule 874, CSRA provides services and solutions to help customers improve the management and effectiveness of their organizations. CSRA’s services and solutions include, but are not limited to, the following: consulting, facilitation, survey, training, acquisition management, and business program support services.

- GSA PES Schedule 871 - Under Professional Engineering Services (PES) Schedule 871, CSRA provides solutions for various engineering requirements and mission critical projects. CSRA’s services and solutions include, but are not limited to, the following: strategic planning for technology programs; concept development and requirements analysis; system design, engineering and integration; test and evaluation; integrated logistics support; and acquisition and life cycle support.

- GSA ES Schedule 899 - Under Environmental Services (ES) Schedule 899, CSRA provides environmental consulting and training services. CSRA’s services and solutions include, but are not limited to, the following: environmental compliance, planning, training, audits, management, surveys, geographic mapping, migration pattern analysis, hazardous material and waste management, and remediation.

- GSA LOGWORLD Schedule 874 V - Under Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) Schedule 874 V, CSRA provides comprehensive logistics solutions to enhance or replace existing operations. CSRA’s services and solutions include, but are not limited to, the following: supply & value chain management, acquisition logistics, distribution & transportation logistics, deployment logistics, and operations & maintenance logistics management and support.

- GSA Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services Schedule 541 - Under Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services Schedule 541, CSRA promotes public awareness of an agency's mission and initiatives and, enables public understanding of complex technical and social issues. Services include advertising objective determination, message decision / creation, media selection, outdoor marketing and media services, broadcast media (radio, TV and public service announcements), direct mail services, media planning, media placement services, advertising evaluation, related activities to advertising services.


Program Manager
Jill Padvelskis

Peggy Carlson

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Sponsor Agency: General Services Administration (GSA)
Eligible Users: Government-Wide
Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30
DUNS Numbers: 079735371

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