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Comet 5G

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Private 5G Network Infrastructure

GDIT Comet 5G is a tailorable solution engineered to provide a dedicated, secure, and high-performance network that can be fully contained within your agency’s premises, ensuring enhanced security and reliability. This includes the deployment of cutting-edge 5G base stations and core network elements, configured to support standalone and non-standalone 5G configurations.

Secure and Dedicated Spectrum

GDIT provides dedicated Sub-6 and mmWave spectrum options with deep partnerships with leading commercial carriers for larger coverage.


GDIT Comet is designed to be interoperable with existing networks and IT systems, enabling seamless communication within and between federal agencies and mission partners.

Network Slicing

Increase flexibility and reduce costs with GDIT's virtualized network functions, allowing you to create multiple virtual networks with different performance and security requirements.

Advanced Security

GDIT offers multi-dimensional carrier-grade cybersecurity, ensuring full encryption and access control.

Enable New Mission Capabilities

Unlock the full potential of your mission from enterprise to edge with GDIT Comet for real-time communication and data analysis.

Improved Performance

Process and analyze data faster with our high-bandwidth and low-latency 5G network and edge computing capabilities.

Reduced Costs

Lower deployment and maintenance costs with virtualized network functions and network slicing.

Increased Flexibility

Create multiple virtual networks to adapt to changing business requirements.

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Transform and Accelerate Your Mission

Tap into the benefits of AI, connectivity at the edge, resilient cybersecurity, and cloud, with rapidly deployable solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Experience Where It Counts

GDIT supports some of the most complex and sensitive government, defense, and intelligence projects at the highest security levels.

For more than 30 years, GDIT teams have supported national wireless telco companies with end-to-end wireless deployment, building large-scale 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G networks within demanding timelines.

Digital Consulting

GDIT’s Digital Consulting Practice partners with teams and customers across more than 4,000 projects, applying expertise in the latest technologies to accelerate digital modernization. From AI and analytics to cyber, cloud, and software development, our teams design and deliver the solutions that keep our nation at the leading edge.