Defense Cloud

We have the right cloud for today's missions.

Cloud is evolving the way defense organizations defend assets, support the warfighter and gain tactical advantages. Our defense cloud solutions are here to provide the agility and effectiveness our partners need to advance their missions on the battlefield and beyond.

GDIT is here to take on today's ever-evolving defense cloud landscape.

The cloud challenges facing defense organizations in today’s environment are directly aligned to the objectives in the DoD Cloud Strategy, including the need to implement scalable solutions, proactively address cyber challenges and extend tactical support to the edge. And the consequences of not migrating quickly enough have never been more apparent, as DoD mission partners are facing increased security risks, organizational inefficiencies, and complex data management scenarios in the face of cloud migration delays.

To accelerate adoption and migration, GDIT is delivering the art of the possible by providing a portfolio of cloud solutions. From the back office to the tactical edge, GDIT offers the choice, speed of acquisition, and collaboration to transform our customers’ missions.

milCloud® 2.0

Secure. Easy to use. Affordable. Because the mission matters, today. milCloud® 2.0 is ready to meet the DoD's critical enterprise cloud requirements today, providing mission partners the choice and flexibility of both on-premise, fit-for-purpose cloud offerings, as well as off-premise, general purpose cloud services. 


Security, Collaboration, Mobility. The ultimate enterprise cloud solution. DEOS marks the beginning of a new age of secure, cloud-based collaboration for DoD organizations with streamlined DoD office applications and advanced migration capabilities.

Defense Cloud Technology

Today's cloud solutions need to be enabled by the latest technology advancements. From AI, Cyber, DevSecOps and beyond, GDIT's defense cloud solutions support our partners' evolving mission needs - on and off the front line.

milCloud® 2.0

Mission Success Spotlight

Migrating to the cloud can be difficult, but working with the milCloud® 2.0 team provides the experience and expertise to lighten the load. Below are some of the ways where milCloud® 2.0 has successfully helped DoD mission partners achieve performance requirements;

  • Dedicated hosts and hybrid flexibility
  • Standard IaaS with greater customer control
  • Rapid migration requirement
  • Upgraded support into modernized cloud environment

Defense Cloud Technology

GDIT is partnering with the Department of Defense to offer our clients the power of choice through a vast cloud partner ecosystem with decades of experience on more than 100 cloud projects. Examples of recent cloud customer successes include:

  • Supporting our Army customer's technical, engineering and cloud management needs
  • Facilitating and managing our Army customer's cloud migration and hosting services
  • Using inheritance models to automate our Navy customer's ATO process
  • Applying security policies to work with our Navy customer's DevSecOps output

Learn more at our GDIT Emerge Defense Cloud event on June 23rd:

Video Spotlight

GDIT's Jim Matney spoke alongside AWS's Dave Levy, covering their new partnership on milCloud® 2.0 and the choice that this now provides DoD mission partners for both on premise and off premise cloud services within a single contract.

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GDIT's signature technology event series showcased real technology solutions that are making an impact today and paving the way for tomorrow.

Watch part 3 on demand to see how defense agencies are evolving to advance the mission, with featured sessions covering our Defense Cloud solutions milCloud® 2.0 and DEOS and discussions highlighting our evolving defense cloud technology.


DoD Cloud Exchange, presented by GDIT

GDIT's defense cloud solutions were featured as part of a 3-day event, hosted by Federal News Network, alongside leaders from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, the Defense Information Systems Agency.

GDIT’s Jim Matney, Vice President and General Manager of the DISA and Enterprise Services Sector, Lyle Kellman, Program Manager for DEOS, and Jeff Luckett, Technical Lead for NRDE cloud contract, discussed how milCloud® 2.0, DEOS and Navy Cloud align to DoD’s cloud strategy today.