Senior Software Developer


Development & Programming
Years at GDIT: 2.5

To work in the defense industry and help support warfighters means a lot to me. My family has a very deep history of military service. So knowing that I’m supporting not only their past missions but future missions is something that really goes right to my heart.

Enabling better mission planning. My team owns it.

I work on a tool suite of five different software products for the U.S. Air Force. They use these products for mission and resource planning around the world.

One project I’m really proud of is my team’s effort to upgrade an existing tool suite that was no longer being supported by the original developer. The previous contractor had started the work and midway through said they couldn’t do it. And these tools need to work 24/7, 365 days a year. So our development team stepped in to deliver an upgraded version of the tools. It was a huge process to implement and in the end, it was a really big benefit to the customer.

Boomeranging back to GDIT.

When I was looking to return to full-time work after taking time to raise my children, I was excited to see that GDIT was hiring. I had such a great experience working for General Dynamics (GD) in the past that I knew it would be great to come back. What surprised me the most was how easy of a transition it turned out to be. It was seamless to jump right back into a full-time software engineering role, particularly because of the support I received from my coworkers.

Applying her education in the real world.

When I originally worked for GD, I was also working on my master’s degree. My thesis was focused on developing a telecommuting program and my advisor challenged me to have my idea adopted by my company. I approached our HR department and laid out my plan, everything from the technology needed to how it would work for the everyday employee. They were on board and I started working from home two days a week. I remember going to Radio Shack and buying a 50-foot phone cord to plug into my modem so I’d have a more flexible work space at home! I’m happy to see they’re still offering telecommuting options to employees (and that I don’t need a 50-foot phone cord anymore).

Finding work/life balance.

One of the benefits of working at GDIT is the great work/life balance. We work 40 hours a week unlike some other software industry jobs where they say 40 hours, but you’re expected to work much more than that. My team all works from home, but within an hour radius of each other. We get together on a regular basis for lunch to catch up on each other’s lives and to foster that in-person connection.

Working from home gives me a more flexible schedule. I don’t feel like I’ve had to give up being a mom. I still have the flexibility to go to a sporting event or special event at their school, or run over to pick them up if they’re sick. It’s a great balance of being a mom but at the same time getting to also follow my passion of being a software engineer.