Senior Program Manager


Years at GDIT: 4

Being able to support the different missions of our customers is a big deal. I like knowing we’re a part of something larger.


Senior Program Manager

Delivering the right resources to the right places. My team owns it.

My role supports both our customer as well as our GDIT employees. I do a little bit of everything from employee engagement to making sure we have the right people in the right places, doing the right jobs for the customer.
Managing this type of program means there are elements of my job that I think are extremely cool that I can’t tell anyone about. I like knowing that through my work, I’ve had a small impact on something much larger.

Sometimes in tech you might work with something that is just numbers and has no real meaning. I’m fortunate to work with datasets I can look at that are interesting and tangible. I know it’s making a difference.

Excelling beyond the customer.

I was nominated to GDIT’s Excel program, which prepares up-and-coming managers for senior leadership roles. It’s a 10-month program and my cohort met once a month for a two or three day session. We were also given a project from Amy Gilliland, GDIT’s President, which asked us to recommend solutions to a particular issue.

My project focused on the retention of our people. We did a lot of research and presented it to senior leadership. And we’ve started to see some of our ideas in action. We made a recommendation to create a manager’s tool kit and now it exists. It gives managers one place to find everything they need to be a better leader.

It’s a really cool feeling to know that you had a small part in a project like that. It makes you feel like you’re definitely part of something bigger.

Recognizing excellence in others.

My best days are when I have the opportunity to impact an employee directly. Not long ago I was able to provide a Hero Award to one of my logistics generals who went above and beyond multiple times for his customer. It was great to be able to hand him that award and let him know that we think very highly of him and the work he does.