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Systems Analyst


One of the things I’m most proud of is being able to jump in with both feet and contribute right away.

Making technology our advantage. My team owns it.

I support a system that allows foreign nations to see the things they’ve bought from other nations. Before this system came along, there wasn’t a way for countries to interact and communicate the things they had bought or borrowed from one country to another.

Day to day, I help resolve issues and respond to requests from our customers. One of the biggest challenges with foreign military sales is that the customer isn’t located down the street and it can be hard to get feedback quickly. I’m very persistent and I’ve been able to make a lot of progress on a project that has been in process for years because of my communication with our customers.

Delivering a project for the project team.

One of my favorite projects was one I worked on for our help desk. Each day they receive a number of requests for system access. And the form is huge. It has to be sent to a lot of people for approval so it takes a lot of time. Which is something that hurts the end user because if they can’t access the system, they may not be able to complete their work.

I was able to streamline the process and make it easier for them to obtain the signatures they needed. And that in turn cut down on the wait time for customers. It really meant a lot to me to provide value for the people I sit with everyday, and ultimately make their jobs easier.

Taking advantage of ways to grow and develop.

When I started, a coworker handed me a piece of paper and said, “here’s a list of everything GDIT offers.” I went down the list and I’ve tried to utilize every single thing. One resource I’ve taken full advantage of is the opportunity to obtain certifications and participate in training courses. I recently obtained my ITL4 certification through GDIT, which is focused on building skills in IT work to best support your customer and the project. Every time I’ve looked for a resource, GDIT has it. GDIT is focused on improving its employees and I’ve seen it firsthand.