Falguni Singh
Falguni Singh

Solutions Senior Director


Falguni Singh spent her career in IT and was attracted to GDIT partially due to the representation of females in executive leadership roles, including GDIT President, Amy Gilliland. As a member of both the ForWARD (For Women’s Advancement, Recognition and Advancement) and AIM (Asians in Motion) Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), she is proud to see the company embrace ERGs that strive to make the company an inclusive environment for all.

The best part of working at GDIT are the ERGs. They are all-inclusive, diverse, and you really feel like you belong to something big.

Advancing the mission of the customer. My team owns it.

I lead a team of solutions architects in the Intel and Homeland Security Division. We create proposals to help give the government the best solution according to their requirements.

As a trusted partner for our customers, we know what their missions are and why they are important. We help them advance these missions by looking at their future technology roadmap and understanding where they want to go in the next 5 to 10 years. We develop our solutions to get them there so that they are not left behind from a technology perspective.

I worked with a Department of Homeland Security agency. There are millions of people using their website daily for questions and queries. Working with them to improve their technology to achieve their mission excites me because I see the impact it has.

A culture of inclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic hit soon after I joined GDIT, and I was speaking to a colleague who suggested that I join an ERG to have more opportunities to connect with like-minded people.
I joined the ForWARD ERG first because I connected with the stories from other women and the challenges and achievements they have experienced at work. Many of their stories resonated with me, and I was happy to share my own experiences as well.

Members of the Asians in Motion (AIM) ERG, which includes people from the 52 Asian countries that are represented at GDIT, approached me about joining as well. I became a council member for AIM because it is inclusive and diverse. It’s not just Asians in the group—AIM includes many different nationalities. I am now one of the co-leads, and we’re helping to create a safe place to talk about hard issues and the challenges of work. It is almost like my GDIT family. I see colleagues during our meetings who I love seeing outside of our daily work.

Lifelong learning in action

You have to be a lifelong learner in the information technology field because technology changes so quickly. GDIT offers many different avenues for learning. There is a learning and development team that has put together a list of courses so that you know the path to getting certified in a certain domain.

We can also pursue certifications through vendor partners and alliances. Whether you want a cloud or cyber security certification, there is one that has been created for you.

The availability of learning opportunities for GDIT employees helps keep the company at the cutting edge of technology. GDIT addresses change in a super-fast way—we just innovate everywhere.