Professional Development Specialist Senior


Years at GDIT: 2

Growing GDIT careers. My team owns it.

One of the most amazing things my team is doing is launching My LMS for all of GDIT. It’s a learning management system that houses training opportunities across so many areas. Our team members can now search for subjects that are near and dear to them or look for training to help them move into different areas of the organization.

I’m so excited to be part of the team that is helping to build My LMS and the capabilities that we’ll have there.

Empowering all employees.

I love our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) so much. I’m part of them all because I believe the idea behind ERGs is to understand different demographics and learn together.

I lead our Pride ERG, which helps to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues. Our biggest event is participating in DC Capital Pride. This past year, we had t-shirts made and had a big group who attended and enjoyed the experience together.

This is the first time I’ve ever been out in an organization. It’s the first time I’ve ever attended Pride with a company. To be able to stand there with a group of employees and say that we are a part of this thing and we want to celebrate our experiences as LGBTQ people is so amazing and empowering.

The comfort to bring your best self.

When I interviewed, I was really forthcoming about some of the accommodations I needed to be successful. The manager who interviewed me understood my concerns and that has set the stage for a lot of where my career has gone since.

I have people behind me who are willing to assist in areas that I’m not as strong in. Having people to work with hand-in-hand has been so helpful in providing me the kind of space that helps me be my best self and bring my best capabilities to work.

I tell people all the time how much it means to be able to be fostered in every aspect of my life. Whether that’s my sexual orientation, my cultural heritage, or being a woman. The encouragement I’ve had to bring my whole self to work and shine with everything I have has been amazing. It’s monumental.