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Person smiling

Systems Engineer Senior


I’m really proud that I have 10 years of IT experience being as young as I am. For someone my age to have a senior title with a well-recognized company isn’t an everyday occurrence. I can’t wait to see where the next 10 years lead.

Enabling work across the enterprise. My team owns it.

My team manages the servers that are deployed to all 54 states and territories. We make sure our customers can log in, do their work, access what they need to access, and that all the systems are secure. When something goes wrong, the leadership at those localities look to us at the enterprise-level to fix whatever issues arise.

It’s mission critical. Their machines are basically their portal to access anything they need within the organization. We work on both classified and unclassified projects so we’re managing two environments, supporting our customers, and deploying updates across the nation.

Finding success by stepping up.

There was a project our group was managing to move from a virtual infrastructure that couldn’t be secured anymore and there were some issues during the initial roll out. When I learned what the issues were, I stepped in and helped. Every time they had an issue, I had something that seemed to fix it. Eventually, I was resourced for the project and we were able to successfully deploy a new infrastructure. The customer noticed and gave me an award to recognize my effort.

An unexpected promotion.

The management at GDIT also noticed my work on that project. There was an opening for a Systems Engineer position and my co-workers suggested me for the role. They told our management, “why look for someone else when we have the talent right here.”

I didn’t realize the position was open, or that they were considering me for it. My manager and the hiring manager approached me about the position and asked if I was interested. Of course I said yes! It’s opened a lot of doors because of the new projects I’m on and it gives me visibility to more of our work.

It’s not something you’d expect, but it’s what you’d hope any company would do. To see what you are capable of and then give you the opportunity to do it. Being recognized like that feels great.