Senior Intelligence Analyst


Joleen met her current customer through military orders serving in the U.S. Army Reserves. She left her job of 14 years to join GDIT in continuing to support the mission of this customer as a Senior Intelligence Analyst. She continues to serve the country in the Reserves in addition to her work at GDIT.

Every small win means something. You’re working so hard and tirelessly with your team and client. When you see your product be successful, it’s a great feeling to see it impact the bigger picture.

Developing products to propel the mission. My team owns it.

I work in the intelligence field in the Army as well and have been a Reservist for over seven years. I’m deploying in a few months so I’ve needed to spend time training with my unit. I’m sure it’s hard for the organization because they’re going to need to fill in for me while I’m gone. If it’s a long deployment, it takes me out of our mission. But, GDIT supports me and they are so understanding. They even provide military differential pay and hold my job until I return.

It means a lot to me that GDIT understands how much I love being in the Army and being a part of the Reserves.

Fulfilling the mission.

My team develops products specifically for our client to assist them in their mission, which ranges classification levels. We analyze data and liaise with other departments and agencies. We also travel internationally with our client. We’re often the link with certain departments and agencies so clear communication is a must when developing those relationships.

The communication piece is definitely my favorite part of the job. I’m proud anytime we work on a product and see it being put to use. It’s awesome to know that you are behind the scenes making it happen.

Coming together as a team - in and out of the office.

My team is not boring! They’re colorful and a lot of fun.

We’ve done Tough Mudders together in the past and we were putting together a new team, which included my son. He turned 14, which is the age he could participate, and he was like “count me in.”

In the event, there are all these obstacles and you wouldn’t be able to complete them if you didn’t have a team. People are helping people all over the place - up large, muddy walls and through sections with live wires hanging down.

There was one wall in particular that was slanted. There was a platform where you had to get a running start and have people push you up, but everyone was muddy and wet. So you had to get one person on the top of the wall and then build a chain of people that hung down so you could climb up people and use them as a rope up the wall. We got very close with each other, very quickly!

My son loved it and it was a great team event.

Learning never stops.

I just finished my third degree. I have an Administration of Justice and an Intelligence Operations degree, which the military helped with. My current degree in Criminal Justice was supported by GDIT as well. GDIT covered what the military credits didn’t. I’m very grateful for them helping to cover my tuition.