Strategic Planning Analyst

Kim E.

Years at GDIT: 3.5

I don’t really have the words to explain what the opportunities I’ve been given mean to me. The network I’ve built, the skills I’ve developed and the tools I’ve gained from working at GDIT will set me up for the rest of my career.

Developing people and building the business. My team owns it.

I don’t think I would have been able to transition into all those different roles at another company. There is a network of leaders here who really trust their employees and want to give them the opportunity to try new things. These experiences have provided the tools I’ll need to further my career no matter where I want to take it.

Stepping up to a challenge early on.

One of the most challenging roles I’ve had was as a project manager during the integration of CSRA and GDIT. I’d never owned an entire project and now I was managing eleven different work streams, the overall project plan and the budget.

I was a year-and-a-half into my career and to be responsible for a project like that was really empowering. Leadership put their confidence in me. I learned how to connect the dots, make things work across resources and manage expectations from both leadership and the team.

That experience prepared me for what I’m doing now.

A one-on-one with GDIT’s President.

We have a number of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which help to create community and connect people across the organization.

I’m on the council for the Aspire ERG, which is focused on advancing the careers and development of our early career professionals. It’s a great opportunity to build your network with peers and senior leaders.

My role on the council is leading our Speaker Series. We bring in internal and external leaders to talk about their career, the field or industry or the mission they serve. I’ve met a lot of senior level people through this initiative and actually had the opportunity to interview GDIT’s President, Amy Gilliland. I view her as a mentor and think she embodies what women in leadership can look like.

Interviewing her about everything from her transition from the military to her favorite ice cream taught me so much. She’s done a lot in her career and watching her lead this organization as a woman in the industry is pretty remarkable. The key thing I took away was the theme of resilience throughout your career. Be resilient, own your career and take on the challenge when it’s offered to you because the rewards will be worth it.