LeeAnna Saunders
LeeAnna Saunders

Organizational Development Analyst Senior


LeeAnna Saunders has a direct impact on discovering the next leaders within GDIT. Her work in succession management helps create talent pipelines within the organization so the right people find the right roles. Though she is relatively new to the company, she has started to develop her network through her involvement in the AbilityFirst Employee Resource Group (ERG).

In my work at GDIT, I have learned that leadership doesn’t look a certain way. I have never had such access to senior leaders, and they are an amazing example for me and where I want to be in the future.

Identifying future leaders. My team owns it.

My team focuses on succession and change management within GDIT. We do talent reviews with senior leaders to create a productive talent pipeline of future leaders. When we identify the best leader for a role, they set the tone for the organization, so my work directly impacts the culture.

We choose talent and future leaders in a way that is rooted in equity. We make decisions and tell stories with data. Our decisions are backed by tools and resources, so that we are understanding people’s strengths in a way that offers everyone a fair opportunity.

A safe place for learning

During my first few days, I needed help with my technology, and the person who helped me on the service desk was hearing impaired. The experience I had working with her inspired me to join the AbilityFirst ERG because she opened my eyes to the contributions that people with disabilities can offer in the workplace.

I have learned so much from the ERG. During one session, we discussed how it is proper to refer to someone as a “person with a disability” rather than saying a “disabled person.” It has been a safe space for me to learn and grow. I came in with little knowledge about this and now have such a different perspective on how to advocate for my colleagues who are part of this community.

A culture of growth

I am an introvert, and I appreciate that this culture is very welcoming. People have pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to build relationships and network internally.

GDIT has allowed me to stretch in ways that I have not experienced before. When a team member left our team, I was asked to step into some of their responsibilities. It forced me to accelerate my growth. I had to learn the components of their role so that there was no knowledge gap. My team has been so supportive of me, and I love that I have been able to learn so much in a short time with GDIT.