Person posing
Person posing

Database Administrator


There are so many opportunities at GDIT. They have so many different contracts in different environments. I hear other people explaining their jobs at GDIT and it’s always so interesting.

Designing for the data revolution. My team owns it.

I’m helping enable a new software product that the Navy will use for reporting purposes. In addition to making sure our backups are done, applying patches, and keeping things up to date, I’m also designing aspects of the new tool we’re implementing.

I like it when I get to sit down with users. It’s really helpful because a lot of people at the Navy understand the data. They understand the structures they’re working with and they help me learn what we need to do in order to best transition them from an old system to a new one. I like working for the government. I think it’s very rewarding.

A seamless transition.

I was surprised how seamless it was to join GDIT. I had the resources I needed to get started and it was the first time I’ve ever been given training. I’ve always been told - learn it. Figure it out and do everything on your own. But GDIT actually gave me training. I feel like they’re investing in me so I can be a better part of this team.

A role designed for flexibility.

My role is part time, which is typically hard to find in the professional world. There have been a number of challenges in my personal life and the flexibility I have in my role has been amazing. If I need to go to a doctor’s appointment or take care of my children, I can flex my schedule to best support my family. GDIT has been very supportive and I’m grateful for the opportunity they’ve given me.