Chief GIS Engineer

Michael J.

What I do now is not only just work or a hobby, it’s a passion. It makes it really easy to do something extra to make sure the mission gets accomplished.

The intelligence behind intelligence. My team owns it.

We’re paving the way with technology, finding solutions to problems that are either unique or no one’s found a solution for yet.

In the Marine Corps I went from Infantry to Intel and eventually that’s what brought me over to GDIT’s Intel sector. It really helps coming from a military background. I understand what we’re supporting and the importance of the mission. I get up in the morning and go to work knowing I’m making a difference.

I love going to work. What I’m doing now is both a hobby and a passion.

Lifting others up.

I’m still in contact with a lot of people I’ve served with. I’ve helped some of them get jobs as they’ve transitioned out of the military and into civilian life. One person in particular, I helped him take over my first role at GDIT when I moved to another role. I was able to help him prepare for the role and introduce him to the team. It feels good to know that I not only helped him transition, but that he’s now a contributing member of my company.

Developing new skills.

Anytime I need to learn something for my job or something that applies to GDIT, they encourage me to go and sharpen my skills. I’ve always been kind of a software nerd and I wanted to continue to build those skills so I’m taking college-level courses to help. GDIT is actually paying for my computer science degree along with giving me the opportunity to attend and present at conferences, helping me develop personally and professionally.