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Solution Architect Principal


GDIT has given me an opportunity to use every aspect of what I’ve learned throughout my career. I’ve always wanted to make a difference and the missions here are some of the biggest, most important missions around.

Enabling people during an AI revolution. My team owns it.

I’m part of the Data and Analytics Digital Consulting team, which drives artificial intelligence and machine learning into various accounts across the enterprise. The federal government has been underserved in this area and there are countless ways these methods can be applied to improve outcomes, make better decisions, and move from gut instinct to really using facts.

We’re working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help regulate the national airspace by resetting drone flight ceilings around airports using a data-driven approach. It’s been exciting to see how big data and machine learning can be applied in this setting and the FAA is very happy with the fact-based product we’ve delivered.

Growing the next generation of leaders.

I’m most proud of the number of people I’ve had the opportunity to mentor at GDIT. I’ve seen them grow and watched them accomplish things they didn’t think were possible.

I’ve worked with teams on big data problems where I was able to guide them on the approach and show them examples of how to do various things. And what’s cool is that the early career professionals I’m working with are really good at it. Artificial intelligence and machine learning seem to be their domain. They’ve quickly picked up the tools and they’re much better Python programmers than I’ll ever be. One team member, just out of college, went from not knowing anything to writing very sophisticated programs that had a huge impact on his program. For me, this is my chance to have an impact on the project and the people. And that’s what I really live for.

Supporting missions with personal impact.

My work is gratifying from a number of perspectives. First and foremost is that two of my children serve our country. My son is a policeman in Washington, DC and my daughter is a U.S. Marine. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to support their missions and help keep them safe. A lot of times you do your job and you think - I’m just doing this piece. But when you look at the missions we support and our ability to have a huge impact on how they work, how effective they are, the direction they’re going - it’s incredible.