Chief Cloud Strategist


Years at GDIT: 3

The exciting thing about cloud is it’s evolving and every day it’s a new story.

Pioneering the cloud journey. My team owns it.

Cloud is the new normal. Government agencies are going to the cloud and cloud providers are being more proactive in working with these agencies. My team helps move workloads to the cloud by building strategies, roadmaps, and migration plans for our customers.

Earlier this year, we partnered with a cloud service provider to show a customer what could be possible using cloud. We shared how workloads can be better secured using cloud and cyber technologies given all the solutions out there. It really opened their eyes to what is possible outside of the typical boundaries we think exist.

Building from the ground up.

I’ve been working in cloud for 12 years, so I’m one of the early adopters. A GDIT recruiter reached out to me when I was working for an agency. I was really impressed by what they were looking to do in cloud so I jumped at the opportunity.

I had experience building Centers of Excellence at other places. With the support of my leader and the CTO, we created a strategy to bring a Cloud Center of Excellence to GDIT. We put together a roadmap of the resources we’d need and went to senior leadership with the idea. After a few months, it became a reality and now our Center of Excellence supports various activities to help with proposals, on programs, and in training our people.

A world of opportunity.

GDIT is one of the leading federal systems integrators. The opportunity that we bring to people’s careers is really significant. We have contracts across federal and civilian agencies, defense, intel, and homeland security.

The impact we have for our customers is incredible. We play a really key role when we bring best practices and lessons learned in order to simplify the customer’s cloud journey.