Person posing
Person posing

IT Quality Analyst


I thought I would feel just like a number in my career, but here I don’t.

Modernizing moves to the cloud. My team owns it.

I work on the milCloud program, which provides a front-end service through ServiceNow for our defense mission partners. They come to our website to generate an estimate of services to help migrate their servers from one network to another. I help our development team in making sure that our website has all the correct services and workflows.

We use an agile methodology so developers send what they develop to our team for testing. My team makes sure it works or that the content is correct.

Stepping up.

I’ve learned so much in the short time I’ve been here. I’ve actually been able to step up and help my project manager with customer interaction. Even though I’ve only been here for four months, she asked me to help understand what problems they are seeing so that we can get them addressed. It feels incredible to be able to present my skill set and build that kind of relationship with my manager this early on. I’m able to show what I’m capable of and help further my career.

Teamwork from near and afar.

My entire team is remote so every quarter we have an in-person team meeting. It’s so nice to meet the people who I normally interact with virtually. In those meetings, we also tackle big issues that have been surfacing. We spend time together, figuring out the best solutions for what we need.

Bringing everything together.

I’ve played music my entire life. I play guitar, trumpet, and the piano. Playing music helps me think of things differently. I don’t think about just one piece - I think about everything coming together. I was also in a 200-person marching band where I was just one person, but one person who makes a difference. I can relate that to everything I do here. Everything I do makes a difference. I’m just one piece of it, but one solid piece.