Ronald Harris
Ronald Harris

Business Administrator Senior


Whether he is winning new government business or leading a Black Employee Network event, Ronald is great at creating impact. Over his six years at GDIT, Ronald has taken a proactive approach to growing his network and pursuing opportunities to advance. He credits the limitless opportunities and supportive leadership for why he continues to stay at GDIT.

If you want to achieve something here at GDIT, you can. If you're willing to shape your own career and take one step forward, people will take two steps towards you to help you reach your goal. That's why I'm still here. I still see a path forward for me at GDIT.

Building a network that will help me reach my career goals. I own it.

When it comes to internal mobility, I’ve found people skills and networking to be the most important tools. You will have to create your opportunity, but that opportunity is there through networking, mentoring and asking questions.

I started at GDIT as a program analyst. After two or three years, I realized that I wanted to get into business development. I took a leap of faith and made the first step of talking to the Executive Assistant of the VP of Business Development. After understanding what their needs were, I made a pitch for how my skills were transferable to their demands. They were receptive to the conversation and eventually an opportunity presented itself.

I took that opportunity and worked extremely hard, continuing to build new connections every step of the way. My career has continued to grow from me taking that first step.

Creating equity at work through the Black Employee Network.

I got involved as a leader in the Black Employee Network when I joined GDIT in 2019. There were six or seven of us at the time, and now we're at a little over 600. I'm very proud of that growth and that we can be a safe space for all employees, not just Black employees.

The events of Summer 2020 gave the ERG the opportunity to be more vocal, and we readily accepted that opportunity. We were asked to play a role in leading GDIT towards further clarity and help shape a way forward. Since then, we have collaborated with other GDIT departments to drive community outreach and mentoring events as well as to develop a more diverse pipeline.

The leadership team at GDIT is incredibly supportive. We have continued to build on that foundation we started in 2020. It wasn’t one and done; two years later, we're still building. We're actually starting to see some of the fruits of our labor, which is what matters most.

Making an impact for my team and our mission.

In capture management, my job is to win GDIT more business opportunities with government clients. I love building strategy and teaming up with different organizations, big and small, to build solutions. I love that we get to use a lot of technologies. But most importantly, I love that if they choose us, we get to support their mission.

When we win new business, we also get to create jobs and keep our colleagues employed. It gives me a great sense of purpose knowing that my work positively impacts the client’s mission, GDIT, and my colleagues. Because if we don't win business, we're not in business.