Technology Director, Department of Homeland Security


Years at GDIT: 3

“When our government is looking for a technology solution, they’re looking to achieve a goal around a particular mission. It’s exciting to have an impact on how our tax dollars are used and the effectiveness of our overall infrastructure.”

Finding direction where there isn’t a path. My team owns it.

Our government has so many critical issues and technology is one enabler to help solve them. The government needs teams with technology experience to help deliver services, missions, and advise federal agencies on how to move toward modernization.

There are a lot of new innovations in cloud and one challenge the government has is its ability to adopt new technologies because of compliance and governance issues. Cloud service providers are releasing multiple services and updates a day. And our job is to vet those and determine which will provide value to our customers and positively impact their overall missions.

A personal impact in cloud.

I think I’ve had an impact at GDIT in two ways. The first is within the organization. I helped build our Cloud Center of Excellence where we have individuals from different business groups working together to socialize issues and solutions. We’re sharing strategies and talent to help our customers across the portfolio.

I’ve also supported multiple agencies by helping their senior leaders build strategies to enable cloud service adoption and important workloads to be migrated.

Bringing expertise to help solve technology issues.

There is an incredible opportunity for those working in the commercial space to bring their experience here. If they are looking for a real challenge to take cutting edge technology and apply that to really critical missions that affect us on a day-to-day basis, supporting the federal government is the place to be.

There is a real thirst for knowledge and capabilities in technology, and cloud specifically.

Being an ally.

I attended our Women in Technology conference, which was sponsored by our Forward employee resource group - a group that works toward advancing opportunities for women in the workplace. At the event, I was talking to our Chief Information Officer about why I attended and she invited me to come speak at the next Forward event.

We had a great dialog around gender equity in the workplace and how men can be allies. There were some tough questions. I shared my perspective, but more importantly, I learned how I can actively participate by listening and speaking up. I have a wife and two daughters so it’s important for me to see how the world impacts them. I’ve also walked into plenty of rooms in my career where there is a technology team with just one woman.

My takeaway from the conversation was that I need to listen more and absorb what I’m hearing. Everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves and I want to continue fostering that at GDIT.