Early Career

Your future awaits direction from you. Own it at GDIT.

We understand that the critical missions of tomorrow will be powered by today's future leaders. That’s why our job opportunities and internships offer the opportunity to help you guide the early years of your career.

New Graduates

Every day, we impact how the government serves the country and its citizens. Be a part of the critical missions that don’t just shape the world, but the individual.

Start your career today.


Get a head-start on your career. We offer internships in a diverse range of fields essential to advancing our clients’ operations.


Take advantage to work on a variety of impactful, real-world assignments. You will be responsible for projects that impact both GDIT and the country.

Personal enrichment.

We offer informative Lunch & Learn programs on topics including cyber security, intelligence, cloud genomics, résumé-building, and more.

Competitive pay and 401(k) eligibility.

All our internships offer competitive compensation and the option to participate in GDIT’s 401(k) to start investing in your future right away. (Age restrictions may apply.)

Inclusive corporate culture.

We fully-integrate you into GDIT’s corporate culture: inviting you to join our Employee Resource Groups, get involved in our many volunteer events and engage in mentorship opportunities.

Leaders who are accessible.

We provide you with numerous hands-on opportunities from intimate coffee chats with our leaders to group challenges moderated by our leadership team.

Development resources.

We understand the importance of both professional and personal development. That’s why we offer you access to an online library with thousands of courses, books, and podcasts to continue to grow.

GDIT is proud to support Propel America’s efforts to enable the young adults of tomorrow’s workforce with the essential skills required to enter today’s modern workforce and begin their career journey. Propel America’s Shreveport-Bossier Talent Development Program enables local high school students to prepare for customer service and help desk career paths. As a local employer with deep experience in both disciplines, GDIT stands ready to collaborate and support candidates that have worked with Propel as they apply for GDIT positions.

Early Career Clearance Sponsorship

From campus to clearance, we help transition new graduates into the cleared workforce.

About Security Clearances
GDIT performs work on some government contracts that require our employees to have a security clearance. The granting of a clearance is a determination made by the federal government that you’re eligible to access classified information or restricted areas. The timetable to complete the clearance process varies depending on multiple factors like your personal background and government priorities.