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Eagle Alliance is an industry leader in Global Enterprise Digital Services Management within the Intelligence Community. We deliver highly available, secure, modernized solutions that are vital to national security. Eagle Alliance provides next-generation solutions to ensure that our highly dynamic Government Client gains technology independence.

Our focus areas include the following:

  • Mission First: Focusing on our Client’s needs
  • Think Global: Expanding our objectives
  • Trust: Building on proven experience
  • Purpose: Taking pride in what we do

In 2001, Eagle Alliance was awarded a contract by the Department of Defense (DoD). The contract was successfully executed for 17 years – providing the Intelligence Community with IT services, bringing industry-leading expertise, proven best commercial practices, and large-scale systems management. Eagle Alliance was awarded a follow-on contract in 2017, the focus of which is to transform to agile Digital Services that simplify service delivery, enhance mission support and user experience, and dramatically reduce IT costs. Eagle Alliance is building on our incumbent contract Managed Service foundation to reduce risks and ensure uninterrupted mission support.

Eagle Alliance provides innovative technology solutions that enable customers to respond more effectively to a rapidly changing mission, improving cybersecurity, and better focus their human resources on core objectives.

"Eagle Alliance is a very exciting place to work. We are provided the opportunity to perform an extremely important job for a very special customer who requires and demands cutting-edge technology. Eagle Alliance is constantly being pushed to hire the most talented employees and employ the best technologies available. We are a smaller company, but because we are fortunate enough to have the financial support of our parent company, we can afford to hire only the best. As a result, we have the time and resources to treat employees as individuals while, at the same time, recognizing their invaluable team contributions."

Eagle Alliance Careers

Grow Your Career at Eagle Alliance

Noted as a leader in the field of information technology, Eagle Alliance offers its employees the opportunity to use a myriad of different current and emerging technologies, which enables them to be on the cutting edge of technology as well as be more productive in their everyday tasks. As an Eagle Alliance employee, you will be using some of the newest, most exciting, and challenging technologies that exist today: Web development, database management, social networking, Web 2.0, cloud computing, storage technology, enterprise directory services, enterprise mail services, virtual technologies, collaboration, enterprise management, cybersecurity services, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), state-of-the-art networking technology, and server and application provisioning.

"I've been an Eagle Alliance (EA) employee for seven years. I started out as a subcontractor, but quickly realized that I wanted to work directly as an Eagle Alliance employee. I can honestly say this is a great company to work for. It is the first company I have been employed with for longer than two years and the first time I have ever been fully vested! Eagle Alliance provides outstanding opportunities for career advancement and professional growth. Employees are constantly being recognized for going the extra mile and contributing to the success of the company. I look forward to coming to work every day, not only for the work I do, but also for the people I get to work with and the opportunity to be part of a great company."

Eagle Alliance Benefits

Eagle Alliance offers a comprehensive benefits package through General Dynamics IT. This includes healthcare coverage for employees and their families, paid time off, retirement plans, dynamic professional learning opportunities, and much more. If you are looking for a supportive work culture and the freedom to focus on your career, choose Eagle Alliance. Our healthcare, life insurance, and employee welfare plans work for you no matter where you are in your life/career - whether you are single or have a family, are just starting out, are at mid-career, or are approaching retirement.

  • Healthcare Plans - We offer Medical, Dental and Vision. Plans offered include Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Coverage is available to employees and eligible family members. Required contributions are made through payroll deductions on a pretax basis.
  • Insurance Plans - We offer employee life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment insurance, dependent life insurance, business travel, accident insurance, and short-term and long-term disability protection.
  • Additional Benefits - Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), retirement plans including a 401(k) savings plan, paid annual vacation leave, paid sick leave, paid annual holidays, bereavement/emergency leave, paid leave for jury duty/military duty, Educational Assistance programs, a Life Management Program that offers confidential counseling and referral services to employees and their families, and relocation assistance (for those eligible).

College Internships

Whether you are a Computer Science, Engineering, or Business major, Eagle Alliance has a career for you. We offer new graduates and interns many professional opportunities that will draw on your skills and academic knowledge to help you identify and achieve your goals in a supportive environment. While you are interning at Eagle Alliance, you will have the opportunity to obtain a security clearance, making full-time employment immediately after graduation a possibility.

Eagle Alliance also offers many avenues to mastering your chosen profession - with exciting work assignments, training opportunities, and exposure to new business ideas, knowledge, and people. At Eagle Alliance, you can have a voice in your job, take control of your career path, and contribute to the company's overall operation and growth. Count on us for excellent career opportunities.

"As a member of Eagle Alliance, I am provided with a dynamic work environment. Being engaged with new challenges and demanding customer requirements provides a great opportunity for professional development. I have also been afforded the opportunity to work with subject matter experts around the world on various projects. I look forward to the future challenges that will help me grow both professionally and personally as Eagle Alliance responds to ever increasing new challenges."