I am not okay most of the time.

  • Resolve 365 is your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). All stateside employees have access to this free, confidential support service to help you find solutions to life’s most common issues — 24/7/365. Call 877-254-4582 or go online to myresolve365.com
    • GDIT expatriate employees can place a reverse -charge call to the Cigna EAP at +44 209 987 6230
    • Eagle Alliance employees, can call Optum at 844-386-7358
  • MDLIVE offers confidential, 24/7 access to therapists, primary care providers by phone and video conference at your convenience. Costs vary by visit type, and often cost less than visits to in-person providers. Employees enrolled in stateside Anthem and Cigna have access to MDLIVE. Access via your Castlight app or call 888-632-2738.
  • The GDIT medical plans offer behavioral health counseling for personalized, confidential support.
    • Cigna enrollees can call 800-981-9112 or visit myCigna.com
    • Anthem enrollees can call 844-792-5141
    • Kaiser enrollees can call 855-632-8280
  • Also check the additional advice in the “Think I’m okay but maybe not” section.