Advancing all phases of flight.

We build and maintain the systems that keep our domestic airspace safe. For 50 years, GDIT has provided solutions to some of the FAA’s biggest challenges. From modernizing IT to mission-critical networks, our aviation expertise ensures more than a billion annual U.S. passengers are protected at every step of their journeys.

years supporting the FAA
facilities upgraded with voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications systems
cloud accounts managed for the FAA
Million UAS registered through FAADroneZone
Air traffic control radios delivered to the FAA and U.S. military

GDIT Aviation

GDIT Advancing All Phases of Flight

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We bring our mission expertise to deploy, operate and sustain mission-critical networks for agencies, including network transformation, SDN and SD-WAN, TDM-to-IP transition, and cyber threat detection. Our capabilities provide telecommunications VoIP systems at over 1,000 FAA facilities for seamless, secure communications—anytime, anywhere.


GDIT keeps the FAA mission network secure. We developed and manage the critical security operations for FAADroneZone: the registration platform for public and commercial unmanned aircraft. We also secure the FAA’s gateway to the cloud.

Intelligent Automation

We built the software for the National Airspace System that the FAA relies on every day to keep domestic airspace safe. Calculating and recommending standard maneuvers like arrivals, departures, and rerouting, Traffic Flow Management uses intelligent automation to assist in all phases of flight.


GDIT is the FAA’s secure gateway to the cloud with enterprise-scale infrastructure that’s both cost-effective and secure. With two dedicated data centers complete with connectivity to the FAA Wide Area Network, we work with strategic providers, AWS and Microsoft Azure, to maintain over 100 critical FAA accounts.

Research & Development

With over 20 years supporting the NextGen Integration & Capability (NIEC) for the FAA, our complex lab and software design, including a mini-NAS and cockpit lab, trains the next generation of aviation safety experts. We also support FAA Airport Technology Research & Development, providing engineering for aircraft rescue, drone detection and new pavement formulations to make taxiways stronger and more durable.


Air Traffic Control (ATC) radios made by General Dynamics Mission Systems provide clear, reliable, ground-to-air communications for ATC centers, commercial airports and military air stations and range installations. More than 15,000 radios have been delivered and were the first deployed in the National Airspace System to support VoIP global standards.


Gulfstream produces the world's most technologically advanced business aircraft and holds the record for longest business jet flight in history.

Jet Aviation

A global leader in business aviation services, Jet Aviation provides comprehensive services and a global network of facilities to aircraft owners and operators.

GD Mission Systems

From high assurance mission computers to on-board weapons systems, sensor processing to trusted communications, GD Mission Systems delivers the latest in secure avionics.