Enhanced Interoperability with Global Partners

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At GDIT, we innovate to enable mission partner interoperability. The Department of Defense employs hundreds of mission command applications, and they must interoperate with each other and mission partners. To do it, GDIT applies our understanding of where improvement opportunities exist, and where we can affect change. MPEs ensure the DoD and its mission partners can collaboratively counter peer and near-peer adversaries.
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Data Centricity

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Zero Trust

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Identity, Credentialing & Access Management

MPEs must federate with other systems with similar capabilities by using interoperable Identity, Credentialing & Access Management (ICAM) systems while preserving the control each partner has over its users. This enables internal decisions to be made based on trusted, remote sources with the most up-to-date credential information, but securely controlled in a decentralized manner. An ICAM-enabled, data centric approach is the most viable way to achieve the seamless capability the warfighter needs.

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Proven Solutions

GDIT enables secure information sharing globally through a number of policy-based, access control systems that rely on data tagging and federated identities. GDIT is currently deploying and operating these systems for our warfighters today and developing new technology solutions for tomorrow.