two soldiers kneeling in the field together
two soldiers kneeling in the field together

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Capabilities, Solutions and Experience: Essential Elements for Effective DoD Mission IT Support

August 7th, 2023


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Information Technology’s (IT) role in effectively supporting Department of Defense (DoD) missions is taking on ever increasing importance. IT is, without a doubt, a key enabler and accelerator of mission effectiveness. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the growing, complex technological and operational environments of the U.S. Combatant Command missions, such as those of USEUCOM and USAFRICOM, especially in recent months.

These missions require persistent, data-centric, and interoperable command and control (C2) networks and systems that can enable rapid and efficient collaboration with our mission partners, allies, and other service components at the speed of events. Critical to that success are core enterprise IT capabilities (Hybrid Cloud, AI Ops, Zero Trust) that can be used to deliver flexible, scalable, and secure services and solutions from a trusted partner. Ideally, that trusted partner is also experienced in supporting every OCONUS DoD combatant command with staff who understand the technology, mission, and environments in which they’ll operate. These three things – capabilities, solutions, and experience – are the essential foundation for effective mission IT support.

Investing in Capabilities that Accelerate the Mission

As a long-time partner to the DoD, GDIT has continuously invested in the capabilities we know our customers need to accelerate the mission. This includes the development of persistent, data-centric networks capable of moving data and information without compromise. On these networks, security and standards are implemented at the data level – meaning IT managers can better secure the data because they have increased insight into the access and permission rules, as well as access to the metadata that reveals who has access to the data and who has accessed it as well.

GDIT has also invested heavily in hybrid and multi cloud solutions, and in Zero Trust security approaches that ensure access to a network doesn’t also mean access to the data on that network. GDIT is continuing to explore overlaying zero trust principles as well as data centric frameworks in our work with Mission Partner Environments (MPEs). These capabilities will enable the connectivity and interoperability the coalition environment needs, which allow managers to control who has access to what data or data subsets and enable secure and seamless data sharing. These capabilities not only advance the mission today, but for the future as well.

Building Effective, Scalable Solutions by Leveraging Proven Processes

Across the board, the DoD needs flexible solutions that accommodate dynamic needs. It needs solutions that are not geared for a single purpose, but instead are reusable and tailorable for missions and enable the movement of personnel to areas of need around the world. Similarly, these solutions must be scalable and must expand access to networks in an on-demand manner.

Delivering these types of capabilities requires the deployment of proven and effective processes. That’s why GDIT employs an Agile development methodology and uses the ITL-4 service delivery framework. Related, our Digital Engineering solutions deliver a secure, digital framework that allows cross-functional teams to collaborate and make decisions as they manage, create, and test digital prototypes before they are integrated into a customer environment. Using approaches like these ensures we are able to be as nimble and responsive to customer needs as possible, while also driving quality and effectiveness at the same time.

Bringing Broad and Deep OCONUS Experience to the Table

Effective trusted partners bring mission-enhancing IT skills and experience, combined with insight and understanding that can solve problems. This type of multi-dimensional support comes to fruition only after years of investment into the necessary mission-enhancing IT capabilities, workforce skills enhancement, and active global workforce management. Then, trusted partners can effectively collaborate with their DoD colleagues to ensure they have the right resources, at the right time, and in the right place, as necessary, to solve any challenge.

GDIT is that kind of transformational technology leader and partner. We bring capabilities from across our DoD portfolio and apply them in a scalable and flexible manner to support U.S. Combatant Commands. As a result, today we are driving mission partner modernization. We have invested in the technologies our DoD customers need. We employ proven and effective processes. Combined with our best-of-breed solutions, we help guide the transformation of existing networks and legacy environments into an integrated enterprise information architecture capable of supporting data-centric operations.