On-Demand Webinar: AWS & milCloud® 2.0 – More Cloud Services and Faster Adoption, Modernization & Acquisition

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Announced last month, AWS GovCloud is now available on milCloud® 2.0. This means that DoD and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) mission partners now have access to an expanded portfolio of leading cloud services, enabling faster cloud adoption, accelerated application modernization, simplified acquisition, and greater mission effectiveness.

As part of this rollout, we recently partnered with AWS to host a webinar on top-level integration and the added service enhancements including analytics, edge computing, end-user computing, and complimentary security options. For the discussion, we were pleased to convene:

  • Faisal Iqbal, AWS’ Head of Solutions Architects for Federal Systems Integrators and Solutions
  • Jim Matney, GDIT’s VP and General Manager, DISA and Enterprise Services Sector
  • Eric McGrane, GDIT’s Senior Director, DISA and DoD Enterprise Services

milCloud® 2.0 is a fit-for-purpose cloud, but AWS GovCloud provides a more general-purpose cloud with new services that were not previously available. Evolving milCloud® 2.0 to be the warfighter’s cloud was our intention all along.

“milCloud® 2.0 has always been secure, easy to use, and affordable, and none of that changes with the addition of AWS,” McGrane noted. “Ease of use is something we are very excited about with this contract,” he added.

Indeed. The milCloud® 2.0 service expansion offers defense agencies a new way to quickly and easily move their workloads to AWS through a streamlined contracting process.

During the webinar Matney emphasized how this integration represents choice and how AWS GovCloud creates a new pillar of service for users. “Do you want that on-premise ability to host a critical application, or a general-purpose cloud, or both? Now you have the choice,” he said.

For its part, AWS noted the ease of access customers can expect when they use AWS GovCloud services with Iqbal saying, “You are going to get access to all of the goodness of AWS, as if you had asked for it right away.”

Access the free, information-rich webinar on-demand.

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