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All Hands On-Deck for the Navy Enterprise Service Desk as a Service

October 22nd, 2021


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GDIT is a long-time, trusted mission partner to the U.S. Navy. In line with the Navy’s goals of providing more efficient and effective support for Information Technology (IT) programs across the Navy Systems Commands (SYSCOMs), we’ve worked alongside Navy leadership to advance IT transformation fleet wide.

When the opportunity arose to design a Service Desk as a Service offering to the Navy Enterprise Service Desk (NESD), we leapt at the chance to take on the work.

The NESD provides centralized information technology services to Sailors, Marines, civilians, and their support systems, both afloat and ashore, around the globe. The Navy saw an opportunity to leverage automation, artificial intelligence and cloud technology to consolidate 90 different service desks, driving better, faster outcomes for users.

To me, the project was near and dear to my heart. When I served in the Navy, I used the Service Desk and understood the importance of ensuring Sailors get the help they need when they needed it.

Our newly developed Service Desk as a Service (SDaaS) solution fit the bill entirely. It brings secure, cloud based artificial intelligence together with the leading technological advancements to warfighters. It provides the best possible end-user experience and enables the consolidation of multiple service desks into one; and we knew it could dramatically transform the NESD for the better.

From the outset of the project – which began with a whitepaper of our solution along with 21 other vendors, down-selected to the bakeoff between two vendors – to the eventual award, GDIT brought its best to the table. Our technical solution was sound, but so too was our understanding of the customer and the mission. We demonstrated our knowledge of the environment and commitment to the program throughout the process, alongside our flexibility and agility.

Throughout the process, there was exceptional collaboration across every GDIT competency. We leveraged our Technology Shared Services (TSS) Center and the talent there; we consulted with experts from the office of our Chief Technology Officer; and taped into our Cloud and Cyber Centers of Excellence. We also worked with our Navy and Marine Corps business partners, and our alliance partners at AWS, BMC, IPSoft and others.

Our solution allows GDIT to partner with the Navy in consolidating Tier-1 IT service desks from a human centered subject matter expert (SME)-based business model to a knowledge-based business model powered by artificial intelligence.

By leveraging automation and standardized processes, it will help the Navy save costs both today and in the future with increased efficiencies and user experiences.

Travis Dawson

Senior Program Manager, GDIT

This complex, yet critically important effort, will pave the way for an even better performing NESD in the future. The entire effort aligns with the Navy’s strategic goals around bringing its infrastructure to parity with industry best practices; driving capabilities and outcomes that deliver a competitive advantage; and enabling the Navy to “defend forward” with robust information protection and analysis capabilities.

The NESD project was an exciting one to pursue, win and – now – execute. I know we’ll bring incredible results to the program, and we’ve assembled an incredible team to do it. This is definitely cutting edge, not just for GDIT but also the United States Navy.