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Broadband: A Critical Infrastructure Resource

September 14th, 2021

GDIT Teams Work to Expand Access, Level the Playing Field for Millions

Perhaps at no point in our history has the need for reliable, broadband access to the internet been more apparent. Last year, as the pandemic closed schools and businesses, and we shifted to online learning, working and even tele-medicine, those without access were hit hardest, affecting millions of Americans and working families. This is why the Federal government has made “future proofing” our nation’s networks a critical national priority.

Today, states and municipalities are grappling with how to manage such a large-scale effort. GDIT teams are actively working to help them to overcome this challenge, partnering with them on the management, distribution, tracking and maintenance of a modern broadband infrastructure that ensures no American home is left behind.

Our teams help customers along every step of the way. We take a vendor-agnostic, technology-agnostic approach that combines expert staff, specialized tools, and established processes that provide states and municipalities the mechanism for moving confidently forward. Our capabilities run the gamut from augmenting critical decision making through planning, feasibility studies and design all the way through the efforts needed for construction.

End-to-End Broadband Fiber Network Planning, Design & Deployment

GDIT provides an array of services designed to meet any customer where they are in their planning, design, and deployment journey, including comprehensive project management at any point in the process – from planning to build-out. We offer:

  • Project Management Office (PMO) Support: Providing project management services for any aspect of the design and build-out
  • Data Collection: Identifying a customer’s existing fiber footprint utilizing in-house software, tools, and outreach
  • Design: Designing end-to-end fiber networks utilizing aerial and underground pathway designs
  • Wireless Alternatives: These include Fiber to the Target Area (FTTx) utilizing unlicensed spectrum (point to multi-point wireless technology) to reduce costs; fixed wireless solutions utilizing Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in areas where fiber is not an option due to terrain or permitting issues; and satellite alternatives
  • Field Surveys
  • Site Acquisition Services: Permitting, Zoning, Right of Ways & Environmental Compliance
  • Bill of Materials
  • Construction
  • Integration and Commissioning

Utilizing Fiber to Deploy Small Cells, Private Networks, Macro Cells & Smart Cities

Our teams also work with customers to utilize fiber networks in support of small cells, private networks, macro cells and smart cities. We work with states and communities to identify coverage gaps for mobile network operators (MNOs) like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and others. We propose macro, small cells or distributed antenna systems (DAS) solutions to address the gaps in utilizing fiber extensions. We also provide private LTE/5G or WiFi network solutions with municipal or corporate buildings or with parks, shopping areas or educational institutions.

Looking to the future, our teams are already working to help customers implement multiple smart city initiatives like smart parking meters, IoT devices, WiFi hotspots, telemedicine and more. We’re also bringing the “art of the possible” to these customers by helping them reimagine their communities and reinvent both the services they provide and the ways in which they provide them. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with these customers in ways that tangibly, meaningly impact millions of people’s lives for the better, and on a day-to-day basis.