DISA: milCloud® 2.0 Plays a Key Role in Everything We Do to Improve Delivery of Data to Warfighters

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During our first-ever milCloud® 2.0 Virtual Bootcamp Event, Rory Kinney, with Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) Operations Center said in his keynote, “I have been a fan of milCloud® 2.0 from the very beginning.”

He went on to say that milCloud® 2.0 plays a key role in everything DISA does to improve the delivery of data to warfighters and said it fits right inside the DoD digital transformation strategy. Kinney also predicted milCloud® 2.0 to be upgraded in the first quarter of 2021 from FedRAMP Level 5 to Level 6, meaning it would be certified to handle classified data. He said the rating boost would be “coming very soon” and added that “a lot of folks are excited about having that capability.”

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