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Dispatch from TechNet IndoPac: MPEs & ICAM to Enhance Warfighter Capability

November 21st, 2022

In partnership with GovExec, GDIT’s Eric Tapp sat down with Brigadier General Mark Miles (Director of J6, U.S. INDOPACOM), Colonel Elizabeth Casely (Communications Director, J6, I Corps), and Colonel Adam Sanderson (Director of Plans, G5, I Corps) to talk about how Mission Partner Environments (MPEs) are enhancing the ability of warfighters to share at the speed of operations and meet the challenges of the largest military theater in the world.

MPE is an excellent model for overall JADC2 because, in the end, JADC2 is about how well we share information amongst ourselves and amongst our partners.

Eric Tapp

Senior Manager, Business Development, GDIT

Tune into the full program to learn more about what’s to come with MPEs in shaping present and future regional discourses. As a bonus, this episode includes an additional dispatch from AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pac 2022 where GDIT’s John Sahlin joined Bob Sholtis (Deputy AC/S G39 & G6, U.S. Marine Forces Pacific) to explore the opportunities and challenges surrounding ICAM at the edge. As joint and coalition forces connect more battlefield devices and leverage more sensor data, ICAM at the edge will enable data sharing at speed, as well as command and control superiority.

A Dispatch from TechNet Indo-Pac 2022

Evolving Mission Partner Networks to Enhance Warfighter Capability

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It's all about putting together that federation strategy and informing the commanders on how to use that to drive mission effects.

John Sahlin

Director, Cyber Solutions, GDIT